A little 4x4ing in the local forest

Took a drive up Nancy Creek Road this week, and it didn’t disappoint!


Wildflowers are everywhere and appear to be much the same as I found in Colorado.


I don’t remember these in Colorado though.

On the trail

This is the very top of the mountain. There’s a little pond in the trees ahead.


Love this forest! My new favorite place.

Alpine Lake2

Here’s that little pond I was talking about.

Leaving National Forest

I’ve never seen this on a forest road before. I went about a quarter mile in and then turned back.


Millions of these! It was overcast though so the photos don’t show how beautiful they are.

Top of the mountain

A view down to the Columbia River from that meadow at the top.

Nancy Creek

Me, in my favorite place: The middle of nowhere. ūüôā

The trail2

View from the rugged road.

Old cabin

One of two old cabins up there.


So pretty.


Abandoned in the woods

Someone left this old car up there near the cabins.

Zilla heading off on her own

Zilla enjoys blazing the trail ahead. Made me a bit nervous though as I forgot to bring my firearm.

Dense forest

Thick forest in places!

Power, water, shade

These are the biggies I’m working on right now.

I’m set up in a local campground for now, and it’s nice and quiet here, but I really want to get set up on my property!

So yes, I do have a well. However, I have to install a pump 300 feet down the well to bring water to the surface. I was going to use a solar pump, but they are too expensive! Now I’m looking at using a generator to pull water up. Probably a Predator generator from Harbor Freight.

But what kind of pump? There are so many different brands, sizes, flow rates, depth maximums, and horse power ratings. I’ve been researching for weeks and think I’ve found a decent pump that’s not too expensive:

Flotec Pump

It’s $509 and it comes with the control box. I also have to buy the pipe. Well pump sellers and installers always want you to buy expensive Schedule 120 pvc, but they are $2.41 a foot! That’s $723.00! Just for the pipe! So I think instead I’m going to use poly pipe. You can get a roll of it for $100! I also need the wire shrink tubing¬†and the spigot to install on top.

I have ordered a solar system that should be able to run everything in my camper. It’s the Inergy Gold Kodiak System.¬† It arrives in late June. With my tandem RV generators, I should also be able to run the AC.

And, I have to build a shelter for the camper to keep the sun and snow off of it.

I try to focus on one thing at a time or I get overwhelmed. Learning so much!

Closer to reality

I’m getting excited again about the prospect of building a house on my land. I spent most of the day up there again today, and it’s just beautiful. I love the sound the tall pines make when there is a light breeze moving them around.

I got a free air show too: The pilots out of Fairchild Air Force Base frequently fly over the Columbia River really low and sideways–and it’s spectacular.¬†From my property, it looks a bit like this:


Yeah. The first time they did it, I nearly shit myself.

The boundary surveyor finished today, so tomorrow I have to go buy a bunch of stakes and string and run the boundaries. I’m sure it will cost a small fortune. But the bill for the surveyor was only half what I thought it would be, so there’s that.

I also priced out Zilla’s outdoor enclosure: $350, but it will be super easy to put together and should keep out the bears, cougars and eagles. I’ll have to build a roof of some kind, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.


Going to install her dog door this weekend! Her access is going to look a little like this:

dog door pen_edited-1

She’ll be able to go in and out at her leisure, and other animals won’t be able to get in.

I’m telling you, after all the customizations I’ve done to this camper, it’s going to be hard to sell her. Maybe I’ll just keep it to get away during the hot summers here.

Now I just need someone to buy my property!

New plat

I’m going to live on Lot 1 and sell Lot 2. I’m going to build my house right where the “9” is in “9.73 Acres.” I’ll be completely surrounded by trees!

My land is finally for sale!

LOT 1:

Stuck in traffic and dreaming about getting away? Why not quit your stressful job and move to the most beautiful country in America: Northeastern Washington.

This¬†9.73 acres of forest¬†is 18 miles from Colville and has peek-a-boo views of the Columbia River. It’s mostly timber and very secluded‚ÄĒa home cannot be seen from the road. A three-bedroom septic system has already been installed. Power is at NW corner of the property.

There are at least two potential flat spots to build your dream home and a gravel RV pad with septic hookup that can be used while you build. Or, use the land as a hunting and recreation camp, because wildlife is abundant: turkey, grouse, deer, and bear! Only four miles to the Lake Roosevelt boat ramp and recreation. Property has been dowsed for water in two places, and the neighboring property has a good-producing well. A power utility road has been cut in that could also be graveled and used as a driveway. Easy access from a county-maintained road. Recent boundary survey.


This is Designated Forest Land, which is a lower tax designation than property tax.

Enjoy the peace and quiet this wilderness property offers.

$65,000. Second adjoining 8.43 acres also for sale. That lot has a drilled well on it that produces 10 gpm. Both lots together: $159,000.

1 View west from Lot 1 build site

View west from Lot 1 build site over the Columbia River


A fawn runs through the property.

3 Lot 1 views

Beautiful blue skies facing west from one of the build sites on Lot 1

4 RV Pad with septic dump

The RV Pad with septic dump on Lot 1

5 Build site option 1 facing east

View facing east from build site on Lot 1

6 View from Build site 1 on Lot 1

Another gorgeous view from a build site on Lot 1.

7 Build site option 1 facing southwest

Possible build site #2 on Lot 1. Very secluded.

8 Views from Lot 1 facing west

View west from Lot 1 on a cool day.

9 Build site option 2 facing east

View from build site #2 on Lot 1 facing east

10 Lot 1 north side on a rainy day

Road facing east through the north side of Lot 1.


Wild turkeys caught on the trail cams!

12 Lot 1 views facing west

Views facing west from Lot 1.

13 Lot 1 on a rainy day

Wild game love it here. I’ve seen deer, coyotes, grouse, and turkeys.


Trail cam deer!

15 North end of Lot 1 facing west

Facing west from Lot 1.

16 Views west from Lot 1

The views are amazing but can be improved with removal of a few saplings.

17 Three-bedroom septic installed

Three-bedroom septic is already installed on Lot 1.

18 Lots 1 and 2

19 Pano view from west end of Lot 1

Pano view from the northwest corner of Lot 1 facing the county road.

20 Power at the corner of Lot 1

Power at the northwest corner of Lot 1

21 NW Corner of Lot 1 facing west

NW corner of Lot 1 facing west



LOT 2:

Tired of the Rat Race? Why not quit your stressful job and move to the most beautiful country in America: Northeastern Washington.

This¬†8.43 acres of forested¬†land is 18 miles from Colville and has 180-degree mountain views over the Columbia River. It’s mostly timber with a small meadow near a high flat spot to build your dream home. Or, use the small rough cabin set back deep in the lot as a seasonal hunting cabin! There‚Äôs even a¬†second¬†old well there. Lots of privacy. Wildlife is abundant: turkey, grouse, deer, and bear! Only four miles to the Lake Roosevelt boat ramp and recreation. Shared well produces 10 gpm. The main driveway is in, and septic perc holes have been dug. Easy access from a county-maintained road. Power is at corner of adjoining property. Recent boundary survey.

NO CCRs! Small well escrow fee for maintenance and well house.

This is Designated Forest Land, which is a lower tax designation than property tax.

Enjoy the peace and quiet this wilderness property offers.

$75,000. Second adjoining 9.73 acres also for sale. That lot has a permitted, three-bedroom septic system already installed. Both lots together: $159,000.

Build site pano

View from the build site on Lot 2.

Bear scat

Bear scat!


Mule deer!






More turkeys!



View toward well site

Another view from the build site from a hill on Lot 2.

Meadow facing east

The meadow behind the build site facing east on Lot 2.

View toward county road

View toward well from build site

Behind build site

Behind the build site.

Pano from build site

Another view. Trees everywhere!

Rough cabin

The rough cabin at the back end of the property

Facing south

Part of the meadow

View toward the well

And these pics don’t even do it justice!

View to the southwest

View of the mountains across the Columbia River

Pano of the meadow facing east

More gorgeous views

Well with view of flat build spot on the hill

The brand new well just below the build site.

Home and making plans for summer

All settled in the new place

We made it safely from Moses Lake and are all set up at our temporary home in Kettle Falls until probably early July, when my solar system arrives.

Corgi Gang

But we sure miss these guys and their owners! These are Ed and Darla’s adorable Corgi mixes, Rowdy and Cooper.

Me and Zilla out on the property

We went out to my land today. All my signs and road barriers are still up, which is excellent news. I took a few pics for the ad to sell the property. Should be listing in the next week or two! Meeting with my agent tomorrow!

Zilla bed

Came home and wanted to enjoy the firepit, so we are on my “porch” and Zilla looked uncomfortable laying on the gravel, so I brought her bed outside for her … and then she laid down next to it in the gravel. **eyeroll**

I have many things to do before I move my camper up on my land. I have to build a snow cover for my camper. I have to order a storage shed and have it installed, I have to build Zilla a dog door and entrance / exit into the camper, with an enclosure outside so she isn’t eaten by wild animals, and I have to run water from the well up to the camper. So, a lot on my plate.

Last day trip to Victoria, BC

Onto the ferry

Onto the ferry


A little anxiety on the ferry ride, but she was ok.


Met a fun young gal on the ferry and got to hear the story of this tattoo. Ha!


On the bow.


Oh, Canada, how I love you.


Zilla riding in a pedicab.


Everything is in bloom.


Had this delicious breakfast at Nourish Kitchen and Cafe.

They let me eat it in the restaurant’s garden because I had Zilla. So lovely.

This tree.

This kilted bear.




This is not photoshopped.


And lookie who I found!